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SoulCalibur 2 HD was recently delisted on Xbox

Spawn out.

Fighting game fans are puzzled as to why SoulCalibur 2 HD - still available to play via Xbox 360 backwards compatibility - has become unavailable to buy on Xbox via the Microsoft Store.

The removal was spotted over the weekend by Jon Cartwright and appears to be recent (thanks, VG247). SoulCalibur for the OG Xbox has also been delisted, it was noted, although this seems to have happened some time ago.

SoulCalibur 2 HD now shows a "not available separately" message when attempting to buy the game via the Microsoft Store's website - though it does not appear to be available elsewhere as part of any bundle - and "not available at this time" via Xbox consoles.

A look at SoulCalibur 6.

Fan speculation points to SoulCalibur 2 HD potentially being delisted due to its inclusion of Todd McFarlane character Spawn, who guest-starred in the game's Xbox version. (PlayStation got Heihachi from Tekken, while the Nintendo GameCube edition memorably got Link).

For anyone keen to pick up a copy in the immediate future, there is a workaround. Voucher codes for a digital download can still be purchased outside of the Xbox store, such as at GAME, and redeemed.

We've asked SoulCalibur publisher Bandai Namco for more on why the game has disappeared - and if it may return.

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