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Here's how Horizon Zero Dawn would look as a PS1 classic

Squint to focus.

What if Horizon Zero Dawn were made for the original PlayStation?

That's a question answered by YouTube creator ZeoNyph, who's produced a short video of a demake done using Blender software.

It's a fun video homage, with all the hallmarks of a PS1 game.

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There's that classic Sony logo intro, the blurry 320x240 resolution, and crackly sound effects.

And then there's the gameplay, clearly inspired by Tomb Raider. We see Aloy running through the wilds, climbing up a ledge, and then swiftly dying against a machine.

Even that death is classic PS1, as the screen fades to black and Aloy collapses to the ground, just like Lara Croft.

Watch on YouTube

As for Sony's latest, Horizon Forbidden West is a graphical showcase according to Digital Foundry.

Sony has been frequently updating the game, though the shimmering visuals remain.

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