Horizon: Zero Dawn

Guerrilla Games goes open world in this sumptuous, enjoyable yet overly generic new age sci-fi RPG.


Digital Foundry | Horizon Zero Dawn's PS5 upgrade delivers a nigh-on flawless 60fps

A great way to play the original game ahead of Forbidden West.

Video | A deep dive into the lore of Horizon Zero Dawn

Sating your post-post apocalyptic thirst.

Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy headed to Fortnite

UPDATE: Guerrilla marketing confirmed.

Digital Foundry | Horizon Zero Dawn PC revisited: is it fully fixed?

There's a dramatic improvement - but some issues remain.

Guerrilla releases big Horizon Zero Dawn PC patch

As attention turns to Horizon Forbidden West.

Jelly Deals | PSN Essential Picks sale includes loads of PS4 favourites for cheap

Fifa 20 for 4! Days Gone for 13! Horizon Zero Dawn for 10!

Horizon Zero Dawn's PC "technical issues" are Guerrilla's "highest priority" right now

"Please know that we are investigating your reports as our highest priority."

Digital Foundry | Horizon Zero Dawn's PC port is deeply disappointing

A stunning game marred by a range of technical problems.

Jelly Deals | Save 10% off Horizon Zero Dawn on PC from Green Man Gaming

Also hunt down last-minute deals from their summer sale.

Horizon Zero Dawn confirmed for PC this summer

But no plans for day and date PC releases, Sony insists.

Horizon Zero Dawn is reportedly coming to PC later this year

A first for a PlayStation exclusive from a Sony-owned studio.

Guerrilla Games wants to release games faster

New HQ and staff expansion plans unveiled.

Hellblade leads BAFTA game nominations with nine nods

Horizon and Edith Finch not far behind.

Horizon Zero Dawn shifts a whopping 7.6m copies

Best-selling new first-party franchise on PS4.

Digital Foundry | Horizon: The Frozen Wilds is an unmissable tech showcase

One of the most impressive 4K HDR experiences you can play.

Horizon Zero Dawn Power Cell locations - how and where to get the Power Cells for the ancient Shield-Weaver armour

How to get all five Power Cells and unlock the secret, superpowered armour in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Frozen Wilds - A Secret Shared: How to upgrade your spear, find the Mounting Rail in the Horizon DLC

How to unlock spear upgrades for the first time in Horizon Zero Dawn's DLC.

Horizon Zero Dawn Override Cauldron locations - how to ride machines with Sigma, Rho, Xi, and Zeta mounts

How to unlock overrides for every single machine in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn walkthrough: Guide and tips for completing the post-apocalyptic adventure

Complete story walkthrough plus guides, tips, and tricks for Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn Fast Travel - how to get the Golden Fast Travel Pack for unlimited fast travel

How and where to get your hands on the hugely useful Golden Fast Travel Pack.

Horizon Zero Dawn gets a new easy mode option today

Boosts your damage, reduces enemy damage "considerably".

Digital Foundry | Horizon Zero Dawn: the making of PS4 Pro's best 4K game

Guerrilla Games on how it met the ultra HD challenge.

Horizon Zero Dawn gets a big new update today

New Game +! Ultra Hard difficulty! More!

Feature | The big interview: Sony's Jim Ryan

On the competition, cross-platform play, exclusives and more.

Horizon: Zero Dawn sells 2.6m copies in two weeks

Making it Sony's most successful new franchise.

Here's how UK cities would look in Horizon: Zero Dawn

Birmingham! Liverpool! Cardiff! London! More!

Digital Foundry | World in Motion: Horizon Zero Dawn 4K time-lapse

Digital Foundry showcases the scale and scope of Guerrilla's open world.

Digital Foundry | What works and what doesn't in Horizon Zero Dawn

Digital Foundry's comprehensive technical breakdown.

Digital Foundry | Horizon is a technical masterpiece on PS4 and Pro

UPDATED: What does PS4 Pro's new performance mode actually deliver?

Watch Sony's fancy pants PS4 advert

And hunt for video game references.

Digital Foundry | PS4 Pro Performance Analysis: Horizon Zero Dawn

Digital Foundry looks at work-in-progress frame-rates - plus the innovative 4K upscaler.

CS:GO pros fight for $100,000 at EGX 2016

Plus: Playable Battlefield 1, Horizon and Dawn of War 3.

Horizon Zero Dawn release date confirmed for March

New trailer shows more dinobot action.

Feature | Looking to the Horizon: how Guerrilla moved on

Dutch studio's next is filled with promise, robots and loot.

Screenshots of Guerrilla's new PS4 game Horizon: Zero Dawn

An action RPG in a very pretty post-apocalyptic world.

Killzone dev announces new PS4 action RPG Horizon: Zero Dawn

UPDATE: Due 2016, and it sounds like Killzone isn't benched.