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Save up to 90% on PC games in GOGs Black Friday sale

Pick up a bunch o' bundles, or take your pick on hundreds of discounted games

We’re over a day into the main Black Friday 2022 festivities, and whilst there’s many a deal worth snapping up from physical retailers, perhaps that’s not always your cup of tea and you’re on the lookout for digital offers too. If that’s you, then this deal might just be the perfect one you’ve been looking for!

Right now, GOG is running its own Black Friday sale, slashing the prices of digital games spanning the complete genre gamut. Whether you’re an indie game lover or you want to sink hundreds of hours into a massive open world RPG, GOG has you covered with a plethora of deals.

For example, to satiate those of you into indie titles, there’s a great little Team 17-themed bundle you can put together yourself with whatever games you want from the listings, including games like the sidescroller-action Blasphemous, the soulslike Thymesia, and the party-centric Overcooked! 2, all for just £25.99/$29.91, compared to the £60 they would otherwise cost.

Alternatively, for those into larger and more expansive titles built by a AAA studio, GOG has offers on games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Fallout New Vegas and more, GOG have plenty of deals like that too.

There’s a few different features ongoing during GOGs sale such as the ability to create your own bundle from a curated set of games – like the Team 17-themed one mentioned before – as well as pick from a premade bundle, or just pick up games individually, disconnected from others if it’s just a single game you want.

Below we’ve listed just a small selection of the best bundles and individual deals available on GOG we think you’ll want to take advantage of.

Just a quick note for the search result listings below – such as the 'games below £10/$10' options – you'll need to scroll down to the lower end of the page to see the search results, but with the below links, they'll be pre-filtered for you to just jump straight into browsing. Additionally, these listings were chosen to not include any DLCs or extras, but you can choose to toggle that off in the search results section if you want to see what might be there.

Today’s best GOG individual game and bundle deals UK and US

For more coverage on deals over this Black Friday 2022 weekend, be sure to give us a follow on our Jelly Deals Twitter where we’ll keep posting updates throughout the weekend and into next week. And if you have any interest in deals on high-powered hardware, Digital Foundry and Rock Paper Shotgun has your back.