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Horizon Forbidden West sells 8.4m, Horizon franchise hits 32.7m

High performance Aloys.

Horizon Forbidden West
Image credit: Sony / Guerrilla / Eurogamer

Horizon Forbidden West has sold 8.4m copies, Sony has announced.

In a PlayStation Blog post celebrating developer Guerrilla's 20th birthday, studio director and studio art and animation director Jan-Bart van Beek confirmed the sales milestone for Sony's flagship exclusive was achieved 14 months after it launched in February 2022.

As of 16th April 2023, the Horizon franchise sold more than 32.7m units, van Beek said. Those sales are described as "sold through", which means genuine sales to customers. "Millions more" have played a Horizon game via PlayStation's subscription services and other offers, including PlayStation Plus and Play at Home, Sony's 2020 free games offer to help entertain people during Covid lockdowns.

"All told, it's a milestone we never imagined possible 20 years ago when we first started making games," van Beek said.

Zoe digs deep into Horizon Forbidden West lore.Watch on YouTube

Forbidden West still has a way to go before hitting the sales of its predecessor, 2017's Horizon Zero Dawn. In February 2022, Guerrilla announced Zero Dawn had sold an impressive 20m copies across PlayStation 4 and PC. PlayStation 5 remake when?

Sony no doubt expects a boost to Forbidden West's sales when it launches on PC, a move so far unnanounced but expected. It seems likely the company will release a PC port of Forbidden West and its recently-released PS5-only DLC Burning Shores together in the next couple of years, given Zero Dawn's release on PC a few years after it came out on PS4.

There's also a spin-off VR title called Horizon Call of the Mountain, which launched alongside the PSVR2 in February 2023. Sony has yet to announce sales of that game or the PSVR2 itself.

With such impressive sales, the Horizon franchise is here to stay. Last month Guerrilla announced a third main Horizon game starring protagonist Aloy. And let's not forget the live-action Horizon TV show set for Netflix.

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