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Neill Blomkamp-backed Gunzilla Games announces next project

It's a battle royale shooter.

Gunzilla Games, the mysterious studio which opened at the end of 2020 with an impressive list of talent from a number of AAA games studios has finally shared more details about their first game.

Off the Grid is a "AAA Battle Royale third-person shooter" set to release sometime in 2023 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Depending on when in the year it releases, it just may well be the first next-gen only AAA first-person shooter in the market.

Cover image for YouTube video

The teaser trailer also reveals the game runs on Unreal Engine 5.

Last year, I speculated the game would be a near-future sci-fi shooter, and it appears I was pretty close: "Set within a dystopian future, the cyberpunk styled shooter plans to evolve the genre through strong emphasis on narrative progression."

The narrative is led by chief visionary officer Neill Blomkamp, best known for science fiction films District 9 and Elysium.

The game will have 150-player PvP and PvE lobbies, with story missions set on the same map with other players in real-time.

Players will supposedly have the ability to control how the story unfolds, with each decision affecting everyone's gameplay.

Gunzilla will be entering an incredibly crowded market, with Activision set to announce its next-generation vision of Warzone later this year as well as Fortnite running full steam ahead with no signs of slowing down.

Still, it's exciting to see a new player in the AAA industry.