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Ugly Sonic is, terrifyingly, in Disney’s new Chip 'n Dale film

The Werehog has nothing on him.

Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers is a brand new film out today on Disney+. For some reason, it features Ugly Sonic.

Ugly Sonic, as you'll no doubt be aware, was the original design for Sonic in the 2020 film before fans complained. His dodgy teeth and human eyes were removed, eventually leading to a decent film and better sequel.

But now he's back and... uglier than ever before. Honestly, it's terrifying.

He appears more than once in the new Disney+ film, which features an older Chip and Dale - one cartoon, the other CGI - as they aim to relive their glory days. Much like Sonic, really.

Ugly Sonic has a booth at a comic convention selling signed photos. "They'll like me for who I am, not like last time when the internet got one look at my human teeth and burned the place down," he says, hopefully.

He's treated as a totally separate character to the usual Sonic and has a different voice actor: Tim Robinson.

In a later scene, just to make it clear, Sonic's thing is "going fast" while Ugly Sonic "goes slow baby".

Thanks Disney. I hate it.

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