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Sega, Valve, Naughty Dog celebrate Halloween with video game pumpkin carvings

Git gourd.

With Halloween behind us, the spooky season is now winding down as we enter November.

To celebrate, developers and fans alike joined in the annual festivity of pumpkin carving.

Here's some of the delightfully devilish designs we've seen over the weekend!

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Valve held a pumpkin carving contest in their office, so the Steam Deck team entered a Steam Deck-pumpkin hybrid. It comes complete with air vents and bespoke carved controllers.

Naughty Dog shared a carving of a scene from The Last of Us Part 2, submitted to them by fan @wunderkins on Twitter.

Sega kept it classy, opting for their logo and the main cast of Sonic which were carved by Twitter use @PumpkinFreakArt.

Two Point Studios brought to life the free Halloween update it added to the syllabus for Two Point Campus.

Fallout fan @mrsfallout carved Vault Boy basking in the glow of candelight (or radiation).

Redditor u/Kahrkura made an intricately detailed carving of Medusa from Hades. They even created a scaly texture all over her skin!

Finally, we have this adorable homage to Hollow Knight, carved by Redditor u/TrappedByDogma.