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Two Point Campus adds vomiting zombie students this Halloween

Night of the learning dead.

A free Halloween update is available in Two Point Campus that adds vomiting zombies, werewolf teachers and more creepy content.

The update is available from today until 1st November, although Two Point Studios promises some items and costumes will be kept in the game permanently.

The below trailer gives a rundown of what horrifying happenings to expect.

Halloween Trailer | Two Point CampusWatch on YouTube

The biggest addition is a new Challenge Mode, allowing players to revisit levels and experience new twists.

That includes the aforementioned vomiting zombies that infiltrate campus buildings, or an evil witch transfiguring students into pumpkins.

Also included are new outfits like werewolves and mummies, ghoulish decorations to adorn the corridors of your university, and some spooky new tunes on the local radio station.

Two Point Campus is the spiritual successor to Two Point Hospital that challenges players with managing a fantasy university. You can check out my review of the game in which I attempted to create the ultimate music school.

The game is available across PC and consoles, as well as Xbox and PC Game Pass. It's on sale throughout the Halloween period with 20 percent off.

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