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Two Point Campus goes boldly into space for brand new expansion

Space Academy launches next week.

Two Point Studios has announced its first expansion for spoof school strategy game Two Point Campus: Space Academy.

The expansion will add three new campus locations, six student archetypes, six new courses and classrooms, and more.

It's set for release on 6th December across all platforms except Switch, which will arrive on the 12th December. Check out the trailer below - it's clear the Two Point team are Trekkies.

Two Point Campus: Space Academy's announcement trailer.Watch on YouTube

The new courses include anti-gravity training, and space combat, the Command Room will allow students to develop leadership skills, and campuses will be filled with astronauts, space knights, and even alien students.

Players will begin in Universe City, tasked with rebuilding Two Point County's defunct space programme, taking them on a resource-gathering journey to outer space.

A space port in Two Point Campus
Preparing for infinity and beyond

What's more, a new time-travelling club will be added and players will be able to host their own sci-fi convention in the student union. Expect plenty of references for sure.

Space combat in Two Point Campus
Space combat is very Gladiators

Two Point Campus launched in August and tasks players with creating their own fantasy university campus, from magical wizards to spies and knights. Space is definitely fitting.

"Just as it did with Two Point Hospital, Two Point Studios has combined neatly overlapping management systems with an irrepressably oddball charm," reads our Eurogamer review.

Space Academy will cost $9.99/€9.99/£8.99, arriving across PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles on 6th December, and Nintendo Switch on 12th December.