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Easter egg challenge added to Two Point Campus

Beware of Wiggy Silverbottom.

Two Point Campus is adding a new challenge mode level for Easter as part of its Spring Update.

Players will be tasked with - what else? - a campus-wide egg hunt as Wiggy Silverbottom has been burying priceless Fitzpocket eggs. The Egg & Silver Spoon Race will see players digging for egg treasure that can be sold or used to decorate their campus.

The Spring update also adds a cute Bunny Ears outfit and Spring-themed items like chocolate bunnies, decorative chicks, and a big ol' egg.

Two Point Campus Spring Update!Watch on YouTube

Two Point Studios has been adding a tonne of content to the game since its release last summer.

Most recently there was the School Spirits DLC, which added new ghostly characters and courses. Before that was the Space Academy DLC that launched at the end of last year.

Beyond those paid DLCs, a number of free updates have added new decorations and challenges - this Spring Update is just the latest.

If you're yet to play it, Two Point Campus is still on Game Pass across Xbox and PC, as well as available to buy on Steam, Switch, and PlayStation.

The game succeeds for its "irrepressably oddball charm" as well as its management systems, as I wrote in our Two Point Campus review last year.

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