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Two Point Campus gets a festive makeover in free winter update

Happy holly-days!

Two Point Studios has lifted the festive pudding's lid off its free winter update for spoof school strategy game Two Point Campus.

This update will see players decking their halls with boughs of holly, thanks to a collection of new seasonal items that have been added to the game. This includes charming stockings, twinkling fairy lights, and even Santa's very own sleigh (which comes complete with its own reindeer team).

Meanwhile, thanks to the new Christmas tree additions, you could even say you will now be able to spruce your campus up a bit. After all, these decorations are tree-mendous (ok, I'll stop now).

All the jingle ladies, all the jingle ladies.Watch on YouTube

In addition to the campus' various festive accoutrements, players will also be able to adorn their students and staff in a selection of Santa suits, elf outfits and giant snowman heads thanks to this new update.

There is even the option to layer up in a Krampus ensemble if you so wish, as you can see below.

Soots you, sir!
Frosty the Snowman's personal affairs are snow-body's business.

As for that Krampus, well, the dastardly fellow itself has arrived in Two Point County to "wreak havoc on your holidays".

In the new (and very aptly named) 'Two Point Krampus' challenge mode, players will have to ensure this cheeky blighter does not sap all of the cheer from their students by keeping that festive morale boosted (along with the campus' funds).

Chilling with my snowmies.
Christmas trees wear skirts so you won’t cedar roots.

The developer has confirmed that all items, costumes, and that fiendish Krampus challenge mode will remain after the event period. Additionally, all of these festive items will work on the game's previously announced Space Academy DLC.

This free update for Two Point Campus is available now. You can see a little teaser for it all in the video above.

How a-sprout that.
Christmas this year has me feeling extra Santa-mental.

On its release in August, Eurogamer gave Two Point Campus a Recommended badge.

"Just as it did with Two Point Hospital, Two Point Studios has combined neatly overlapping management systems with an irrepressably oddball charm," Ed wrote.

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