Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital makes no bones about returning to the foundations of Theme Hospital - and it makes plenty of improvements along the way.

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Two Point Hospital is going tropical in new DLC expansion Pebberley Island

Wonderful hospital management sim Two Point Hospital is getting a new tropical-themed DLC expansion, Pebberley Island, on March 18th.

It's developer Two Point Studios' second DLC offering for the game, following on from the snowy, seasonally appropriate Bigfoot expansion, which released last December. "Blaze a sterilised trail through a tropical island for an eccentric millionaire in search of a fabled source of death-defying water," says the developer of DLC number two.

It brings three new scenarios - equating to three new hospitals - starting with the extreme weather of "idyllic atoll paradise" Pebberley Reef. Next up is the "dense, unexplored country" and sentient flora of Overgrowth, and finally, Topless Mountain - featuring a "horde mode" with waves of sick tourists "that'll keep you on your toes right to the last moment."

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Jelly DealsTwo Point Hospital discounted to 13.38 / $19.84 for the next few hours

Extra 30% off with a limited-time code - starts at 4PM.

The latest of a number of nostalgia-laden spiritual (or some in cases, actual) sequels to much-loved 90s games is here in the form of Two Point Hospital. Johnny's already given us his glowing review of the game - which if you haven't read, you should - so you probably have a good idea of whether or not this game sounds like something you're going to gel with. If it does, you're in luck - it's currently discounted to its lowest ever price.

Two Point Hospital review - pitch perfect retread that manages to improve on a classic

Two Point Hospital is a game that makes absolutely no bones about being a nostalgia trip for anybody who played Theme Hospital in the late 90s. I should know, since it's aimed squarely at me. When Theme Hospital launched, I was nine and my parents, a doctor and a nurse, thought it was hilarious. They were delighted by it; even now, in fact, my father occasionally refers to his work as a Consultant Parasitologist as 'doctor required in inflator room'. ]

Two Point Hospital

Developer: Two Point Studios

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Two Point Hospital books in a release date

Two Point Hospital books in a release date

Just what the doctor ordered.

Theme Hospital spiritual successor Two Point Hospital will arrive for PC, Mac and Linux on 30th August.

Priced at 24.99, you can pre-order now from Steam and other digital retailers to get a 10 per cent discount - making it 22.49 instead.

I played a chunk of Two Point Hospital back before E3 and found the game to perfectly scratch the Theme Hospital itch. For those who played and loved the original, this feels like a devoted attempt to remake it with modern trappings - including the ability to switch in-progress hospitals.

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The tinny music begins, the isometric hospital outline pops up on screen. Your hospital doesn't have any rooms yet, let alone patients, but you need a reception desk. It's angular, purple. You place it by the sliding glass front doors of the hospital lobby, ready for the first people to file in. Now you'll need a receptionist, maybe a potted plant or two. Benches, of course - I like constructing two neat rows, back to back. And so it's on to hiring doctors, building a GP's Office and a Pharmacy, hiring a nurse to staff that. A handyman to water those plants. A vending machine. So begins every game of Theme Hospital - and so begins Two Point Hospital, as well.

Theme Hospital spiritual successor Two Point Hospital announced

There's a new comedy take on hospital management in the works - and no, it doesn't star Jeremy Hunt.

Two Point Hospital is very much a spiritual successor to Bullfrog's beloved 1997 classic Theme Hospital. There are cartoony wide-jawed characters, comedic ailments and, hopefully, an annoying voice over the PA system.

Remember Bloaty-Head Syndrome? Two Point Hospital has Light-Headedness, where your head is replaced by a lightbulb:

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