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Two Point Hospital visits medieval, prehistoric, and future eras in new A Stitch in Time DLC

Doctor who?

Comedic medical management sim Two Point Hospital is adding ailments from across the ages in its latest paid expansion, A Stitch in Time, which comes to PC today, 23rd February.

A Stitch in Time is Two Point Hospital's sixth major expansion - following on from Bigfoot, Pebberley Island, Close Encounters, Off the Grid, and Culture Shock - and gives time-travelling medical masterminds a chance to try their hand at hospital management across three distinct periods: the prehistoric era, the medieval era, and a far-flung sci-fi future.

As with previous expansions, A Stitch in Time's focus is on offering fans more of the base game's enjoyable core management action, gently tweaking the existing formula, rather than delivering any major mechanical shake-ups. To that end, it adds three new hospitals to expand and improve, new challenges, new music and tannoy lines, new era-themed decorations, plus 34 new ailments, including Bone Head, Jester Infection, and Reptile Dysfunction.

Two Point Hospital - A Stitch in Time DLC Trailer.Watch on YouTube

On the hospital front, things begin with Clockwise-Upon-Thyme, a Medieval town plagued by Time Portals that leak more and more patients onto the map as they're uncovered. From there, it's a backward jaunt to the prehistoric era, and the Clockwise-before-Thyme map, where players gain the ability to create their own Time Portals for managing patient flow.

Lastly, there's the futuristic Clockwise-above-Thyme, which sees players attempting to manage a neon-strewn hospital high above the Earth as it's besieged by patients from all across time.

And if that sounds like the perfect cure-all for your boredom ills, Two Point Hospital's A Stitch in Time expansion launches on Steam today, 23rd February, where it'll cost £6.99/€8/$8.99 USD - and there's an additional 10 per cent off until next Tuesday, 2nd March.

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