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Ambulances coming to Two Point Hospital

Speedy Recovery expansion on PC only.

Ambulances are on their way to Two Point Hospital in a new expansion named Speedy Recovery.

Of course, this being Two Point Hospital, these aren't your run of the mill ambulances. Instead these are unorthodox vehicles designed for various emergencies, from the Big Healer road ambulance to the flying Airloovator.

Players will be tasked with dispatching ambulances and delivering patients to nearby hospitals, while curing their ailments along the way and competing with rival hospitals.

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As such, the expansion adds new locations, including the cold and wintery Pointy Mountains and the tropical Pebberley Island.

New treatment rooms are also included, with new illnesses to discover and curing machines to utilise. For instance, there's the Hive Mind illness that must be cured with a Honey Trap. Additionally, new items will be featured.

Speedy Recovery will be available for PC players only. It's released on 15th March for £6.99.

Later this year, in May, spiritual successor Two Point Campus will be released, in which players must manage a similarly goofy university campus.

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