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Two Point Hospital adds Steam Workshop support

Picture this.

Theme Hospital spiritual successor Two Point Hospital will gain Steam Workshop support in a new free update.

The Interior Designer update, available now, adds custom carpets, wallpaper and pictures into the game. You can make your own from photos on your PC, or import other peoples' from Steam Workshop.

It all looks very simple - you can see it in action below:

Cover image for YouTube videoTwo Point Hospital: Interior Designer Free Update Overview [OUT NOW!]

A bunch of bits and pieces should be live now on Two Point Hospital's Steam Workshop page for you to get started with.

Released last year, Two Point has done a good job of updating the ageing Theme Hospital gameplay without changing anything that wasn't broke in the first place.

"Those completely new to the experience will find a varied and humorous hospital simulator," Johnny wrote in Eurogamer's Two Point Hospital review. "Anyone jumping in with fond memories of Theme Hospital, meanwhile, will find a modernised successor with just enough to make it feel new again."