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Next Two Point Campus DLC is a hospital throwback

Patients required.

Surgery in Two Point Campus Medical School
Image credit: Two Point Studios

The next DLC coming to Two Point Campus will be Medical School, a throwback to the studio's previous Two Point Hospital.

It's set to feature new levels, gameplay mechanics, and of course illnesses to treat.

Medical School will be released on all platforms on 17th August, priced £8.99. The announcement trailer is below.

Two Point Campus Medical School DLC trailerWatch on YouTube

Levels will include the idyllic Lake Tumble, the volcanic Molten Rock, and the chilling Pointy Peak, as well as dealing with Briney Seadog and her pirate band.

On top of that, Two Point Studios has added doctors and nurses as student types, six new rooms, and over 60 new items to help diagnose both new and returning illnesses - yes, Brain Farts are back.

Lastly, new challenges will include patients returning as ghosts to haunt the medical halls, medical machinery erupting in flames, and massive influxes of patients during emergencies.

The Medical School DLC is available to pre-order now. On top of that, Two Point Campus is celebrating its first birthday with discounts across all platforms. The game recently left Game Pass, but those discounts should ease the pain.

Two Point Campus released last August to positive reviews. "Two Point Studios has combined neatly overlapping management systems with an irrepressably oddball charm," I wrote in our Two Point Campus Eurogamer review.

The Medical School DLC will follow last year's Space Academy and this year's School Spirits expansions.

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