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We can "look forward" to more 2D Sonic games, says Sonic Frontiers director

Sonic pain.

Worry not, Sonic fans; more 2D Sonic adventures may be on the way.

That's according to Sonic Frontiers director Morio Kishimoto, who hinted that 2D fans can "look forward" to new side-scrolling games alongside the franchise's more contemporary offerings, most of which have been 3D.

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Asked on Twitter if Sega would consider releasing a Sonic 4-esque game, Kishimoto responded by confirming that Sonic 4 was made by Dimps, adding that "in addition to 3D Sonic games", "Sonic games also have side-scrolling Sonic games, so please look forward to them!"

This is one of those times where my GCSE Japanese and Google Translate isn't super helpful - there may be some nuance here that's missing, so we can only take this as a rumour for now - but Kishimoto's words, especially "look forward", have fans hoping that the series may return to its 2D roots at some point in the future… rather than just leave it in the past (thanks, TheGamer).

We recently learned that Sonic Frontiers has now sold 2.9m copies worldwide since its November release. And did you know that ratings for an unannounced Sonic Origins Plus have been spotted in South Korea?

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