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Sonic Origins Plus ratings spotted in South Korea

Hedgehog your bets.

Ratings for an unannounced Sonic Origins Plus have been spotted in South Korea.

Sonic Origins, a remaster of the first four games in the Sonic the hedgehog series, was first released in June last year.

The newly added rating for Sonic Origins Plus can be found on the South Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee's official website, as discovered by Gematsu.

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I couldn't spot the rating on the website myself, but I did find it listed on the CSV file available to download containing the new ratings under 소닉 오리진스 플러스의 - the Korean for Sonic Origins Plus.

The release of Sonic Origins last year was not without some hiccups. Digital Foundry was unimpressed with the game's performance at launch, and one developer who worked on the project accused Sega of introducing "wild bugs" into the game.

There's no official news yet on what Sonic Oranges Plus will include, but it's likely to be similar to Sonic Mania Plus, an extended version of Sonic Mania. And hopefully a little bit more polished, this time.

The Sonic series been doing well over the past few months, as Sonic Frontiers neared 3m sales towards the end of last year.