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Neve Campbell joins the cast of the Twisted Metal TV show

Scream if you want to go faster.

Neve Campbell, best known for her role in the Scream series, has joined the cast of the forthcoming Twisted Metal TV show.

She will star as the recurring guest character Raven, reports Variety, a character first introduced to the game series in Twisted Metal: Black.

Campbell joins Anthony Mackie in the lead role of John Doe, as well as Thomas Haden Church (as Agent Stone) and Stephanie Beatriz (as a yet unnamed car thief).

Cover image for YouTube videoTwisted Metal "Crush" Launch Trailer

Mackie was cast last year when initial details of the TV adaptation were announced: an action-comedy take on the PlayStation series with a script from Cobra Kai writer Michael Jonathan Smith based on an original take by Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

In Twisted Metal: Black, Raven is a goth teen who's sent to an asylum when she's blamed for an incident resulting in her best friend's death. Presumably Campbell will have a different take on the character.

Campbell has starred in all five Scream films, as well as The Craft and - more recently - Netflix thrillers House of Cards and The Lincoln Lawyer.

As for a new entry in the game series, we reported earlier this year that Sony's Firesprite studio has taken over from Lucid Games.