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PlayStation 5 covers will soon come in pink, purple, and blue

Bisexual pride.

Bored with your plain old white PS5? Sony is now adding new coloured console covers in pink, purple, and blue.

Actually, that's Nova Pink, Galactic Purple, and Starlight Blue to be precise.

Black (Midnight Black) and Red (Cosmic Red) console covers are already available, priced £44.99.

The console covers will match controllers in the same colours already available, priced £64.99 each. That's a fiver more expensive than the basic white.

The covers will be released on 17th June, via the PlayStation Direct store first.

If you're yet to get the PS5 console itself, then check out our deals page.

And once you've got that, peruse the new list of games coming to Sony's revamped PS Plus subscription.

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