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Fortnite's next one-time-only live event detailed, returning bear mech spotted

4th June, 9pm UK time.

Fortnite has now confirmed its next live event, dubbed Collision, will take place on Saturday 4th June at 9pm UK time. As ever, this is a one-time only affair - if you miss out, well, you'll just have to watch a recap on YouTube.

As the culmination of this season's all-out war, Collision will mark the return of Fortnite's fan-favourite bear Mech, the unmasking of its pilot as the game's final member of the Seven, and an explosive showdown with the Island's villainous IO faction.

If all that means nothing to you, just know that these events are typically spectacular showcases for Epic's development flair - oh, and there will be some freebies (and paid-for bits) to commemorate the occaison in Fortnite's item shop in the run up to and including that day.

Watch on YouTube

Fresh artwork for the event shows a souped-up version of the Mech, and the long-awaited return of its pilot Singularity (AKA Seven member Paradigm) underneath. It also looks like we're going to space, which is cool.

As is now standard, Fortnite fans are being encouraged to log in early to avoid disappointment - with the event available to join from 30 minutes prior to 9pm on the 4th.

Epic has also warned players to wrap-up any remaining seasonal challenges before the event begins. The expectation is that the incoming Chapter 3 Season 3 will pick up the pieces from Sunday 5th June, with a small period of downtime in-between.