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Kojima publicly responds to Norman Reedus' claims Death Stranding 2 is in development

"Go to your private room, friend."

Sam Bridges (played by Norman Reedus) looking to his left.
Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Hideo Kojima has responded to Norman Reedus' comments that he has "just started" a second Death Stranding game.

Without explicitly commenting on the revelation, Kojima shared a handful of pictures of the pair - the location of which seemingly celebrates Reedus' The Walking Dead show - with the text "go to your private room, friend".

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For those not in the know, the private room is a space where lead character Sam Bridges - played by Reedus - recovers during his journey in Death Stranding.

To soften the blow, Kojima added a thumbs-up emoji followed by the heart-eyes, intimating he's a good sport with no hard feelings.

Yesterday, Norman Reedus seemingly confirmed a sequel to Death Stranding is in development. In a new interview, Reedus - the actor behind lead role, Sam Porter Bridges - discussed Death Stranding and said simply: "We just started the second one."

Reedus also confirmed yesterday how his role came about, too.

"Guillermo Del Toro, who gave me my first movie, called me up and said, 'Hey, there's a guy named Hideo Kojima, he's gonna call you, just say yes.' And I go, 'What do you mean just say yes?' He goes, 'Stop being an asshole, just say yes.' Then I was in San Diego and Hideo came with a big group of people, he's from Tokyo, and he showed me what he was working on on a game called Silent Hill.

"I was blown away by what he was showing me."

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