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Kojima's latest tease looks to be setting up a Léa Seydoux reveal

Careful, this is Fragile.

I feel like I say this a lot, but yes, Hideo Kojima is at it again.

The Metal Gear Solid creator has been releasing a steady stream of mysterious teasers for his upcoming game for a while now, and today brings us one more.

Like his previous ones for Elle Fanning and Shioli Kutsuna, this latest teaser shows a blanked out visage with some cryptic wording written across it (which, in this case, reads "How come?").

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And, as with those previously mentioned teasers, many have already guessed just who that blanked out visage belongs to. This time, everyone has surmised it is Léa Seydoux hidden behind the words.

Seydoux has worked with Kojima before on Death Stranding, playing a character known as Fragile. So, this is all pointing more and more to a Death Stranding 2 reveal, perhaps at this evening's Game Awards. After all, we all know how chummy Kojima is with the event's organiser Geoff Keighly.

In addition to Seydoux's presumed participation with Kojima's new project, another factor giving gravitas to this theory that a Death Stranding 2 announcement is imminent is the fact that actor Norman Reedus (who plays porter Sam Bridges in the first game) previously let slip that a sequel is in production.

Back in May, Reedus stated "We just started the second one," when discussing Death Stranding. This led to Kojima jokingly asking his friend to go to his "private room", neither confirming nor denying if what Reedus said was true. Stay tuned, I am sure there will be more on this later.