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You too can buy a Death Stranding-inspired bucket hat for £65

Death Spending.

Image credit: Kojima Productions / Gresham Blake

Hideo Kojima has partnered with a "luxury London designer" to create a unisex line of "Death Stranding-inspired" clothing.

The range includes tracksuits, shirts, a bucket hat, a bomber jacket, and silk tux jacket, too, with prices starting at £65 for the hat and creeping all the way up to £1050 for the silk jackets. The shirts are currently retailing for around £150, and the tracksuit jackets for £245.

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There are also matching trousers, too, it seems, but they're currently unavailable from the store.

"The new, made-to-order range draws inspiration from Death Stranding’s rich design aesthetic," says the blurb. "The collection has been curated by Gresham Blake, a design-led tailor that specialises in creating bespoke, made-to-measure luxury clothing. The range encapsulates the game through unique imagery and vibrant patterns, each product is offered in tonal black or a coloured style."

"Working alongside Kojima Productions on this collaboration has been an incredible opportunity to delve into a space we haven’t explored yet," said Blake. "The endless creativity that goes into game design provided the freedom to have fun with a collection that is an otherworldly take on our usual tailoring. Bold patterns and vibrant fabrics alongside the monochrome equivalent are a deliberate juxtaposition mirroring the light and dark of the plot lines that are delivered with such poignance throughout Death Stranding’s storyline."

Hideo Kojima is reportedly taking an "arthouse approach" with the upcoming Death Stranding movie, he's said, and has partnered with Barbarian executive producer Alex Lebovici in a bid to avoid making a "blockbuster" film.

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