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Automatic log out removed from Final Fantasy 14 in latest patch

Suggests congestion is easing.

The latest patch for Final Fantasy 14 has removed the automatic log out function when players are inactive for 30 minutes.

The function was included last year to ease congestion in the ever-popular MMORPG, as players complained about long queue times due to overloaded servers.

However, its removal in this latest patch suggests that congestion is finally easing.

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Despite advanced warnings, congestion hit a peak following the release of Endwalker in December last year, with producer Naoki Yoshida apologising to players for the long queue times.

In an extreme move, the game was pulled from sale to stop new players joining.

Then at the start of the year, Yoshida detailed new servers planned to ease congestion, including the new Oceania data centre.

While the game remains popular - and the most profitable game in the franchise - it appears that congestion is less of a problem than it was last year.

Patch 6.11a brings a number of other tweaks, including multiple balance changes to PvP and other resolved issues. Full patch notes in The Lodestone.

And, if you're lucky enough to own one, you can now play Final Fantasy 14 on a Steam Deck.

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