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Final Fantasy 14 player first to earn all 2000+ achievements after 10 years

But it won't be the end(walker).

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker
Image credit: Square Enix

After 10 years, one Final Fantasy 14 player has finally earned all 2751 achievements.

The feat was done by a Japanese player on the Garuda server and shared on the Final Fantasy 14 subreddit (spotted by GamesRadar). Community data tracker Lalachievements has corroborated the claim.

The game's Achievement list is notorious, requiring a huge amount of time and dedication to complete.

Final Fantasy 14 Growing Light trailerWatch on YouTube

It's not just completing the story and a few collectibles. It's hundreds of hours completing all five ultimate raids, every Deep Dungeon solo, collecting every Relic weapon, catching every fish, and finishing all the levequests - something fans reportedly believe can take seven years due to time-gating mechanics.

It should be noted these are in-game achievements that are separate from the game's trophy list on PlayStation (there aren't any Steam achievements either).

Every expansion brings new achievements too, meaning this player will need to complete everything in next year's Dawntrail if they're to maintain their top ranking.

Today brings the launch of the latest patch, Growing Light, which adds new story content in the lead up to Dawntrail. It also expands the Duty Support system so now all main scenario dungeons can be completed as a solo player.

The game is currently celebrating the 10 year anniversary of A Realm Reborn. Each new expansion has extended the game's free trial, but as director Naoki Yoshida told Eurogamer there are no plans to go free-to-play for the whole game.

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