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Indie developer thinks Disney likely ripped off Doctor Strange fight scene from their game

"I'd say it's highly probable."

Solo developer Stephen Ddungu believes Disney and Marvel likely copied his indie game for an eye-catching fight sequence in the recent Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Ddungu has been chronicling his work on music-based JRPG Sword of Symphony via Tiktok, where footage of the game's combat system has notched up millions of views (thanks, Kotaku).

His game allows you to conjur glowing musical notes in mid-air and send them flinging towards an enemy. If you've seen the new Doctor Strange, you'll likely recognise that description - since a short sequence in the film sees Benedict Cumberbatch doing just that.

Cover image for YouTube videoSword Of Symphony - Announcement Teaser
A teaser trailer for Sword of Symphony.

On Tiktok, fans of Ddungu's work highlighted the similarities between the two and suggested Disney had seen the game in development.

Indeed, the timing appears to work out. Various sources who worked on Doctor Strange in the Multiversus of Madness have indicated the fight sequence was only added late last year, as part of the film's reportedly extensive reshoots.

"Based on a multitude of primary sources that support the notion they did, I'd say it's 'highly probable' and I wouldn't be surprised if it was true," Ddungu told Kotaku.

"All the sources (which quote the people who made the film directly) strongly imply the scene wasn't in the film's original script and that it was a last-minute move executed at least three months after Sword of Symphony went viral and received praise for its concept. So when everyone's telling me they ripped off my work, after scrutinising the surrounding evidence, I can understand why people have that view."

Disney has been contacted for comment.