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Watch Elden Ring legend Let Me Solo Her beat that tricky boss for the 1000th time

UPDATE: They did it!

UPDATE 11/05/22: They did it!

Where most of us tried a thousand times to kill Malenia once, Elden Ring legend Let Me Solo Her has now killed a thousand Malenias.

It's an impressive feat that was streamed live. You can check it out and revel in the glory via the video below.

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ORIGINAL STORY 10/05/22: Elden Ring legend Let Me Solo Her will soon slay Malenia for the 1000th time.

Malenia is one of the game's most brutal bosses, but a player named Let Me Solo Her stepped in as a summon to assist those in need.

Now, later tonight, they will stream their 1000th Malenia kill live: check it out on their YouTube channel from 11pm UK time tonight.

Watch on YouTube

Let Me Solo Her has become an icon in the Elden Ring community for their help beating Malenia, with many fans producing artwork of the player.

One player even created a spirit ash summon of Let Me Solo Her through a mod.

Other players online are less generous. AFK rune farming has become an issue online, but one player thwarted trolls by hiding in a bush for three hours. No, really.