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Elden Ring legend Let Me Solo Her immortalised as a mod

Try summon but mod.

Let Me Solo Her, Elden Ring's most famous player, is now available as a summon in a new mod.

Let Me Solo Her rose to fame recently helping players defeat Malenia, one of the game's trickiest bosses.

Online, players can summon others to assist in their own game. Let Me Solo Her regularly left a summon sign outside the Malenia boss fight to aid players struggling with the battle - a testament to goodwill in the Elden Ring community.

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The player soon became iconic on social media, for his lack of clothes, pothead, and twin katanas.

"My first experience defeating Malenia was very tough and took me nearly 170 times, so I decided to help other players fight her so they could feel relieved," the player told Polygon. "I really love her design and her attack animations."

Now, though, there's no need to summon the player himself.

Modder Garden of Eyes has turned Let Me Solo Her into a spirit ash summon. Swapped for the Lone Wolf Ashes, players can now summon him anywhere.

The mod names the summon Puppet of the Legend, "whose skill was a match to the Rot Goddess herself."

The description continues: "His famous words echoed through every era: ‘I always wear a jar on my head, and I do not bail on any Malenia boss fights'."

The mod is available on Garden of Eyes' Patreon page.

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