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Nintendo changed Coconut Mall in Mario Kart 8 and fans want it reverted

It’s a Wii mess.

With the launch of the first wave of maps in the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass (quite a mouthful, I know), we saw the return of fan-favourite Wii map Coconut Mall.

However, all is not well on Isle Delfino, as fans have noticed thr track's cars before the final turn are now static.

The dissatisfaction amongst some fans became obvious when Nintendo tweeted a promotional clip of Coconut Mall (thanks, Nintendo Life).

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But the most bizarre observation made by fans is that the map, which has also recently been ported over to Mario Kart Tour, does have moving cars on mobile.

Worse, dataminers have concluded that this isn’t a bug, but rather an intentional choice made by Nintendo in the game’s programming.

Could Nintendo potentially reverse course in a future update?

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