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New Sonic Origins footage shows off drop dash and Hidden Palace Zone

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A new video for Sonic Origins shows off the drop dash move and the inclusion of Hidden Palace Zone.

The footage, from South Korea's Rulicon online broadcast last weekend, showcases some of the features being added to Sega's blue blur collection.

The menus are shown, followed by new footage from Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2, and Sonic CD.

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Hidden Palace Zone was cut content from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, although it was added to the 2013 mobile port of the game. So while it's not new content, it's a welcome addition to this home console release.

The zone is accessible through a bottomless pit in the Mystic Cave Zone.

Also shown in the trailer is the additional drop dash move (from Sonic Mania) that gives Sonic a speed boost after landing a jump. It should certainly help speed up the gameplay of Sonic 1 - as the footage of the iconic Green Hill Zone shows.

Another addition to the first game is Super Sonic, first introduced in Sonic 2.

As fan site Tails' Channel notes (with the footage shown on Twitter), the drop dash move is exclusive to the game's Anniversary mode. There will also be a dedicated button for super forms.

Sonic Oranges will release on 23rd June across all consoles and PC, although its pre-order bonuses are a little bizarre.

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