Sonic CD


ReviewSonic CD Review

To be this good takes ages.

VideoTune into this Sonic CD launch trailer

Out on XBLA, PSN, iPhone and iPad this week.

VideoFresh Sonic CD footage arrives

Tuned up for late 2011 re-release.

VideoSonic CD footage blasts in

Tuned up for downloadable release.

Key events

Sonic the Hedgehog turns 25 today

He's grown up so fast.

Sonic CD races to the top of December PSN chart

Trine 2 manages a top 5 debut in the US.

ReviewSonic CD Review

To be this good takes ages.

VideoTune into this Sonic CD launch trailer

Out on XBLA, PSN, iPhone and iPad this week.

Sonic CD, Trine 2 Xbox Live Arcade release dates

Microsoft dates the rest of 2011's XBLA, DLC and deals.

VideoFresh Sonic CD footage arrives

Tuned up for late 2011 re-release.

VideoSonic CD footage blasts in

Tuned up for downloadable release.

Sonic CD console, mobile release coming

With original Japanese soundtrack.