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DJ Steve Aoki played a disappointing virtual concert for Sonic's 30th anniversary

Sonic mania.

EDM DJ Steve Aoki played a 60-minute virtual Sonic concert for the SEGA mascot's 30th anniversary.

It was weird.

The performance (which you can watch in full below) was broadcast on Twitch and YouTube (as well as in VR using the YouTube VR app) and had Aoki playing a set in a number of Sonic-themed backdrops, from the iconic Green Hill Zone to Chemical Plant.

Watch on YouTube

Sonic and co raced around the areas and shimmied awkwardly, proving the blue blur can run fast but can't dance. It looked more like a techno Balan Wonderworld.

Worse, the performance contained only one track from the Sonic franchise: a remix of the Stardust Speedway theme from Sonic CD. Otherwise, this was simply a Steve Aoki set with Sonic assets slapped on.

The YouTube video has plenty of negative comments from disappointed fans who expected more... Sonic from the experience.

"I feel like I should be forgiven for assuming that a Sonic concert would have some Sonic music in it. Clearly I was wrong to assume that," reads one comment.

"Shoutouts to a Sonic concert not having Sonic music. It was literally a Steve Aoki concert with bad Sonic animation around him lmao," reads another.

There are plenty of disappointed comments and memes on Twitter too.

Others are angry at Aoki's apparent support of NFTs.

This isn't the first time Aoki has performed for a video game. Back in 2020, the EDM DJ performed a set in Fortnite as part of the Party Royale Premiere alongside Dillon Francis and deadmau5.

This Sonic concert didn't quite have the same mass appeal.

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