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Sonic CD console, mobile release coming

With original Japanese soundtrack.

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Sega will re-release platforming classic Sonic CD later this year on a huge array of console and mobile platforms.

Downloadable versions for PC, PSN and XBLA will be accompanied by mobile options for Android, iPhone and iPod touch, iPad and Windows Phone 7.

The game includes the original Japanese soundtrack, also initially used in PAL regions (the different North American soundtrack was however used in the European PS2 and GameCube re-release within the Sonic Gems Collection).

Sega promises new features such as widescreen graphics, "special iOS features", plus the obligatory achievements/trophies for console additions.

First released in 1993 for the Mega Drive's Mega-CD add-on, Sonic CD is widely regarded as one of the best Sonic games.

It's famous for featuring the first appearances of the evil Metal Sonic and new Sonic squeeze Amy Rose.

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