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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Eurogamer is giving away Castlevania Anniversary Collection to its annual premium supporters - here's how to get your key

Vincent priceless.

We're making some tweaks to our supporter program here at Eurogamer - more of which you can read about here - and as part of that we've got 250 Castlevania Anniversary Collection keys for our premium members with annual subscriptions.

The Castlevania Anniversary Collection brings together eight stone-cold classics from the early days of Konami's beloved series, from the original NES outing through to the muscular Mega Drive offshoot Castlevania: Bloodlines with room for proper curios like Kid Dracula along the way.

The collection bears the marks of an M2 production, with crisp emulation and some very welcome extras, including an in-depth look at some of the original design documents. I was quite keen on it all when it first launched back in 2019. Konami followed it all up with the equally excellent Castlevania Advance Collection, which compiles the series' GBA run as well as the much-loved Castlevania: Dracula X.

Keys will be available from 12pm today, and to get your hand on one simply sign in to the site with your ReedPop ID and head to the Codes section of your account - if you're one of the first 250 you'll be given a code which you can then head over to Steam to redeem.

We'll also be convening in a couple of week's time for the inaugural Eurogamer Game Club - a chance to natter away with a few us about the game in question on the afternoon of Friday 20th May. It should beat doing any actual work, and I'll be bringing tea and biscuits for all.

This is the first giveaway we've done as part of the Eurogamer supporter program, and it won't be the last - and we'll strive to keep the quality level high and ensure any games we do secure are worthy of your time. If you're not a supporter and are interested, you can find more about the perks here - including our new weekly newsletter, the ability to read the site ad-free and plenty more besides. If you are already a part of the program, a huge thank you. We'll be looking to do more for you in the future, and are hugely appreciative of the support.