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Netflix's animated Castlevania series returns for Season 3

UPDATE: The man from Netflix, he says no.

UPDATE 27/11/19: Netflix has now removed its tweet listing Castlevania's season three release date, while the series' director has poured cold water on the new episodes being finished in time for next month. (And, you'd think, he would know.)

"Hah, that's news to me and would certainly be scary," Samuel Deats told GoNintendo, "considering we're still working on the last episode of the season".

We've asked Netflix for an update on what's going on.

ORIGINAL STORY 26/11/19: Netflix's acclaimed animated Castlevania series is set to return for a third season of whip-swinging, vampire-slaying revery next month, and now has an official air date of 1st December.

The streaming service's Castlevania TV series initially launched back in 2017, with its initial four, blood-soaked episodes establishing the tale of a grief-stricken Dracula, hell-bent on vengeance following the murder of his wife by the church, and the people - including disgraced monster hunter Trevor Belmont - determined to stop him.

If you've yet to catch the series, Netflix's first season teaser sets the mood well enough:

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The show, written by Warren Ellis and developed by Adi Shankar (who's also adapting Assassin's Creed and Devil May Cry for TV), resonated enough with audiences and critics to convince Netflix to bring it back for an expanded eight-episode second season in 2018, and the company has already confirmed that Season 3 will be an even meatier ten episodes long.

Netflix hasn't released a cast list - or really much else in the way of details - for Castlevania Season 3, but expect a return for Richard Armitage as Trevor Belmont, Graham McTavish as Dracula, James Callis as Alucard, and Alejandra Reynoso as Sypha Belnades at the very least.

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