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Konami earned over £118,000 from that Castlevania NFT auction

One item alone generated £19.4K.

Konami's first NFT auction - focused on Castlevania - has reportedly earned the company over £118,500 ($162,000).

According to VGC, all 14 NFT items were sold, with the average price reportedly selling for around £8.7K ($12K).

The most expensive piece - a digital artwork based upon the Dracula's Castle map from the very first instalment of the franchise - sold for £19.4K ($26,538.96, to be precise).​​ A three-minute video comprised of different Castlevania games secured £12.8K ($17.5K), while digital artwork from Circle of the Moon earned £12.4K ($17K).

Konami announced the Konami Memorial NFT Collection to mark Castlevania's 35th anniversary just last week. Artwork, video clips and music tracks were hawked as NFTs on the OpenSea auction site this week, using the controversial Ethereum currency.

The digital items included new pixel art and familiar music tracks, plus odd "highlight movie" clips from the series. Each also includes "unlockable content" which reportedly "can only be unlocked and revealed by the owner" of the NFT.

Konami also stands to make more money from the auctioned items, as the publisher nets a stunning 10 per cent royalty should an NFT item be sold on again.

New trademarks and logos for Sega's foray into NFTs surfaced earlier this week too, despite Sega CEO Haruki Satomi recently acknowledging that the company would have to "carefully assess" "what will be accepted and what will not be by the users".

Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda also recently published a letter in which he expresses hope that NFTs and blockchain technology will become a "major trend" in gaming.

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Castlevania Anniversary Collection

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