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Microsoft unveils new accessibility focused adaptive accessories range

Includes adaptive mouse, buttons, and hub.

Almost four year to the day that Microsoft formally unveiled its well-recieved Xbox Adaptive Controller, the company has announced a new range of accessibility focused accessories intended to provide a "highly adaptable, easy-to-use" ecosystem for those that have difficulty using a traditional mouse and keyboard.

Designed in partnership with the disability community, the new adaptive accessories consist of three main components - an Adaptive Mouse, Adaptive Buttons, and an Adaptive Hub - with the idea being that users can augment the first two devices with 3D printed accessories in order to customise mouse and keyboard inputs in a way that best suits their needs.

The new Adaptive Mouse, for instance, can be customised with a thumb support and tail extension - or 3D printed tails - as required, while the Adaptive Hub serves as a means of either replacing or augmenting a traditional keyboard.

Meet the new Adaptive Accessories from Microsoft.

The latter can be paired with up to four wireless Adaptive Buttons that can be customised with preferred inputs and with different button toppers - including a d-pad, joystick, or dual button - and works with standard 3.5mm assistive tech switches.

The new Adaptive Hub, Mouse, and Buttons with choice of toppers.

Microsoft says it'll be launching its new adaptive accessories sometime this autumn for use with Surface Pro and Windows PCs, and you can get a closer look at the line-up in its announcement video above.

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