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Where to collect the signal jammers in Fortnite

Help The Imagined regain her missing transmission.

Collect the signal jammers is one of the Week 8 Resistance challenges in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

To unlock this Fortnite challenge, you must first complete the Resistance challenges from Week 7 and the first two challenges for Week 8 - talking to Mancake, Bao Bros and Lil Whip and cleaning up the trash around Sanctuary.

Completing this challenge will reward you with 23k XP, which will help you unlock more skins from the new Battle Pass.

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LEGO Fortnite Cinematic Trailer.

Note this particular challenge is no longer able to be completed. What's new? Chapter 4 Season 2 has arrived! New additions include the Grind Rails and Kinetic Blades, along with the new Battle Pass, character collection and Eren Jaeger skin. It's a good idea to know how to get XP fast in Fortnite.

Signal jammers locations in Fortnite explained

To start this Fortnite challenge, you must first perform a device uplink near either Shifty Shafts or LogJam Lumberyard, which, luckily, are quite close together.

Once you’ve opened communication lines with The Imagined, she’ll ask you to collect three signal jammers from around the map. Below you can find the signal jammers locations at a glance:

The signal jammer locations in Fortnite.

Remember - you need to collect all of these signal jammers to complete this Fortnite challenge.

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One signal jammer can be found atop the mountain north of Shifty Sands.

A second signal jammer is located atop the mountain west of the Seven Outpost, which itself is north-west of LogJam Lumberyard.

A final signal jammer can be found atop the mountain directly south of the southern entrance into the Command Cavern.

After finding all three signal jammers, go for a short swim in any body of water - be it a lake, river or the sea - on the island to complete this challenge.

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