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How to get Jetpacks in Fortnite and use Jetpacks explained

Every Jetpack location in Fortnite

Jetpacks have been unvaulted in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, receiving some welcome improvements.

Although you don’t get any XP for finding Jetpacks, they are very useful for traversing the map, especially in No-Build Mode. You can also now aim down the sights of your gun while hovering, making it easier to get kills from a longer distance.

Below you'll learn how to get Jetpacks in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 and how to use Jetpacks.

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How to get Jetpacks in Fortnite

To find a Jetpack in Fortnite, you can go to an IO Blimp, or purchase one from an NPC.

There are currently five IO Blimps located above:

  • Command Cavern
  • Coney Crossroads
  • Tilted Towers
  • Rocky Reels
  • Condo Canyon

There was a Blimp above the Daily Bugle, but it has now crashed into the eastern ocean. You can visit it to open an IO chest and grab some ground loot, but it does not contain a Jetpack.

You can either land on an IO Blimp or use an Ascender to gain access to one from the ground. Once on the Blimp, go to its top floor. There are four doorways on the top floor where you can find a Jetpack mounted on the wall beside each door, as long as other players haven’t taken them yet.

Once you’ve located a Jetpack hold down the button that appears when you get close to it to pick it up. You will automatically equip the Jetpack, but it will take up an inventory slot.

Alternatively, you can purchase a Jetpack from The Scientist inside Synapse Station for 580 Gold Bars. He has five in his possession, but this counts down if other players also buy a Jetpack from him. Synapse Station is in the desert located in the southern area of the map.

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How to use Jetpacks in Fortnite

After you’ve located one, it’s time to use that Jetpack for some speedy traversal and gain an advantage in combat!

To use a Jetpack in Fortnite, jump and then hold down the jump button while in the air. You will continue to hover as long as the jump button is pressed down. Your character will fall as soon as you let go, but you can press the jump button again while in the air to resume hovering.

Keep an eye on the twin bars on the back of the Jetpack. This tells you how much time is left until the Jetpack overheats and drops you to the ground. There is still fall damage with the Jetpack equipped, so make sure you’re near the ground, or above water, when the metre is running low.

As long as you have fuel in the Jetpack, the red bars will quickly recharge, similar to your sprint metre, and you can continue to fly about the map once it’s full again.

However, once the full gauge on the item bar is depleted, the Jetpack will disappear. You can get another by visiting an IO Blimp again, returning to The Scientist at Synapse Station, or looting from somebody who had one equipped when they were eliminated.

New to this update, you can also aim down the sights of your gun without falling while using a Jetpack. There’s no extra step to doing this, just aim like normal and then you can accurately zoom in on your target while floating in the air.

As you can’t see the overheating bars while aiming, listen for the beeping noise of your Jetpack overheating to indicate when you should return to the ground.

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