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Get a free £25 Microsoft gift card when you buy this Xbox Series S Bundle

Brand new console with add-on content for Rocket League and Fortnite.

The Xbox Series S is one of the best deals in gaming right now because it delivers the next-gen gaming experience for just £250.

It's taken a while for the Series S to remain in stock, but we're finally at a point where you can buy it at retail price from multiple retailers whenever you're ready to.

Now that Series S stock is more readily available, you can also find some great bundles from time to time. This includes a free £25 Microsoft gift card when you purchase the Fortnite and Rocket League Bundle from the Microsoft Store.

Rocket League and Fortnite are free games, so as part of the bundle you get some free extras to use with them. For Fortnite you get the Midnight Drive Pack Set, which includes an outfit, back bling, pickaxe, and 1000 V-bucks. In Rocket League you'll get the Purple Masamune Car, Purple Virtual Wave Boost, Purple Zefram Wheels and 1,000 Rocket League Credits. You will need to download both of these games yourself once you've set up and connected your console to the internet.

As well as the free content and gift card, the bundle also contains an Xbox Series S all-digital console, a Robot White Wireless controller, and a high-speed HDMI cable. If you want to add a huge number of games to your Xbox library instantly, Game Pass is a great way to do so and you can get your first month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for just £1 when you sign up here.

The digital-only Series S is the less powerful sibling of the Series X, but that isn't neccessarily a bad thing. While it can't play natively at 4K, it still comfortably runs all upcoming Xbox games with support for 1440p at 120FPS, has 4K upscaling, and the same raytracing and variable refresh rate features that the Series X has. It has a 512GB SSD instead of 1TB, but you can expand the internal storage with the Seagate Storage Expansion Card, the only official SSD for Xbox Series X|S. It comes in 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB options.

If you aren't playing on a 4K TV or aren't too fussed about owning physical copies of games then the Series S is probably going to be a better deal for you, it will also take up less space on your desk or TV stand thanks to its lack of disk-drive.

And there you go, an easy way to get started in next-gen gaming. We love the Series S because of its price and small form-factor, but you can make the experience even better with accessories for your Series S by checking out our best Xbox deals page. Also make sure to follow the Jelly Deals Twitter page, where we keep you posted on the latest Xbox bundles, accessory deals, and more.

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