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Half a million of us have signed up to bash zombies in Evil Dead: The Game

Let's give it a hand.

The latest asymmetric multiplayer horror, Evil Dead: The Game, has sold more than 500,000 copies.

The milestone was revealed during Embracer Group's latest investor presentation (thanks, PC Gamer), which confirmed that the since its release on 13th May, half a million people have signed up to play as - or alongside - series stalwart Ash to complete their objectives and take on hordes of Deadites.

Evil Dead: The Game is now available on PC (via the Epic Games Store), PS5, PS4, Switch, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One.

"I've spent a morning or two with Evil Dead, and from the off it's looked the part," Donlan wrote earlier this week. "Sam Raimi's horror classics have a definite visual style, and it's all there on the screen: the cabin surrounded by grasping trees, the lights strobing through branches, a variety of Bruce Campbells to play as. My cup runneth over. Is that an Oldsmobile to pootle around in? Yes please.

Ian Higton and Aoife Wilson join forces and step into Evil Dead: The Game.Watch on YouTube

"It was fun, and it looked like Evil Dead - so many Ashes! But it didn't always feel like Evil Dead," he added. "It felt like a multiplayer horror game, albeit a decent one, albeit a decent one without much in the way of basic accessibility features. The same is true for what I think is the single-player stuff. I headed out as Ash and quickly got into serious deadite trouble. The woods looked perfect - but it felt like a lot of other horror games."

The Evil Dead is not the only game to have hit such a milestone this week. Half a million people have signed up to play vampiric survival game V Rising in just three days, too.

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