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Saber Interactive's Evil Dead game has been delayed into next year

Now due February 2022 on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC.

Saber Interactive's Evil Dead game will no longer release this year as originally planned, and is now targeting a PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC launch in February 2022.

Evil Dead: The Game casts players as familiar faces from all across the Evil Dead franchise, bringing them together in co-operative union to battle the forces of darkness - chainsaws (and other assorted melee and ranged weapons) in hand. Adding an extra wrinkle to the core co-op action is a PvP component in which another player becomes the Kandarian Demon itself, able to roam the map in a bid to thwart the humans' plans.

According to the gameplay trailer released earlier this year, human players will need hunt down pages of the Necronomicon, Raymond Knowby's tapes, and other artefacts in order to cast the spell needed to vanquish the demon and win a match, all of which sounds very much in the Dead by Daylight/Friday the 13th: The Game mold.

Evil Dead: The Game - First Gameplay Trailer.

Saber had originally announced a 2021 release for Evil Dead: The Game, but it's now offered a revised launch window of February 2022 in a message on Twitter, telling fans the extra time will be used to polish the title and "ensure this is the ultimate Evil Dead experience you're all waiting for". Additionally, it'll be implementing a single-player option for those times when co-op companions aren't readily to hand.

"We want to thank everyone for your understanding and support," the developer concluded. "Please stay tuned for more information about new character updates, pre-order availability, and the next gameplay video featuring Bruce Campbell."

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Evil Dead: The Game

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