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Free update to Evil Dead: The Game now available, based on Army of Darkness

Slice up some medieval zombies.

A free update to Evil Dead: The Game adds new content based on Sam Raimi's 1992 film Army of Darkness.

The third instalment in the Evil Dead franchise, the film sees its lead characters trapped in the Middle Ages to battle the undead.

Fittingly, this medieval-themed DLC adds a new map featuring the film's iconic Castle Kandar - check it out in the trailer below.

Evil Dead: The Game | Army of Darkness Update

Two new weapons will also be added: a slow but powerful mace, and an explosive crossbow.

Exploration mode, meanwhile, will allow players to freely explore each of the game's maps while slaying zombies.

Lastly, premium outfits are available at extra cost. That includes two new outfits for Ash Williams - the S-Mart Employee outfit and Gallant Knight outfit - as well as a Medieval Bundle of multiple themed outfits.

The main game is based on Raimi's classic zombie series and encapsulates its mix of horror and humour.

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Evil Dead: The Game

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