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Evil Dead: The Game and Dark Deity are next week's free Epic Store games

Alba and Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun currently free.

Another Thursday means another glimpse ahead at the Epic Games Store's next set of weekly freebies, with Evil Dead: The Game and tactical turn-based RPG Dark Deity both now confirmed to be free from Thurday, 17th November.

Evil Dead: The Game, which released as an Epic exclusive back in May, is developer Saber Interactive's spin on the asymmetrical multiplayer horror genre. It sees four human Survivors (picking from a range of familiar Evil Dead characters, armed with everything from chainsaws to boomsticks) roaming a spooky forest in search of artefacts, while a fifth player gives chase as one of four powerful demons - the Warlord, Puppeteer, Necromancer, or Plaguebringer, all able to command undead armies of their own.

And it's good fun, effectively marrying the gleefully cartoonish horror of Sam Raimi's beloved franchise to a solidly entertaining multiplayer game.

Let's Play Evil Dead: The Game Co-Op PC Gameplay.

As for next week's second free Epic Store game, that's Dark Deity - a tactical RPG from Sword & Axe that takes its cue from the likes of Fire Emblem. How good it is, I do not know, but it promises the likes of turn-based battles, character relationships to manage, and more.

Before all that though, there're two more freebies you might want to pick up, both very excellent and both available now: Monument Valley developer Ustwo's lovely Alba - A Wildlife Adventure andd Mimimi Games's Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, which serves up wonderful stealth-heavy skulk around Edo period Japan.

Dark Deity - Launch Trailer.

Both of those are free to add to you Epic Games Store library right now, and will continue to be available until next Thursday, 17th November - whereupon Evil Dead: The Game and Dark Deity will take their place as the next lot of freebies.

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