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Dataminer hints that this character may be on the way to Evil Dead: The Game

And it looks like we'll be getting a minigun, harpoon, and flamethrower, too.

A dataminer has uncovered further references to Ruby and her Demon Spawn secreted within Evil Dead: The Game's files.

Ruby - who hails from Ash vs. Evil Dead - has yet to make an appearance in the main game, and her absence from the roster was a surprising omission to some given the plethora of other characters from Evil Dead stories, both old and new.

Now - thanks to a second batch of datamined voice files from our hero roster - it seems like she will indeed be making an appearance, seemingly batting for the Demons in these particular scenarios, although it's not totally beyond the realm of possibility that she may turn up as a survivor, too - hopefully we'll get an official reveal soon.

As TheGamer points out, there's also new references to heavy weapons - sounds like we'll be getting a minigun, harpoon, and flamethrower - and the final single-player missions has also allegedly been revealed courtesy of datamined images that seem to show Eligos possessing Kelly. If accurate, the mission may be entitled "Adios Eligos" and tasks you with collecting chicken, leeches, and holy water before you exorcise Kelly at El Brujo's Hut and then take on Eligos.

The latest asymmetric multiplayer horror, Evil Dead: The Game, has sold more than 500,000 copies.

The milestone was revealed during Embracer Group's recent investor presentation, which confirmed that the since its release on 13th May, half a million people have signed up to play as - or alongside - series stalwart Ash to complete their objectives and take on hordes of Deadites.

"I've spent a morning or two with Evil Dead, and from the off it's looked the part," Donlan wrote of his experiences with the game so far. "It was fun, and it looked like Evil Dead - so many Ashes! But it didn't always feel like Evil Dead.

"It felt like a multiplayer horror game, albeit a decent one, albeit a decent one without much in the way of basic accessibility features. The same is true for what I think is the single-player stuff. I headed out as Ash and quickly got into serious deadite trouble. The woods looked perfect - but it felt like a lot of other horror games."

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