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Final Fantasy 14 players sent to in-game jail for using mods

Square Enix follows through on punishment.

Final Fantasy 14 players caught using mods have been sent to in-game jail.

As spotted by Kotaku, at least two players who were streaming the game were put into jail by moderators.

It follows a lengthy blog post from game director and producer Naoki Yoshida earlier this week, stating that players caught using third-party tools would be reprimanded.

Cover image for YouTube videoFINAL FANTASY XIV Patch 6.1 - Newfound Adventure

"Players who are determined to be using third-party tools will have their accounts suspended, or permanently banned for repeat offenses," said Yoshida.

The statement was in response to the completion of the notoriously difficult Dragonsong's Reprise raid added in the latest patch - Square Enix shared a video of the first completion but swiftly removed it due to the use of mods.

Now Square Enix is following through with punishment.

One player known as Hiroro was teleported against his will to the Mordion Gaol dungeon while streaming with mods. The streamer has deleted footage from Twitch and YouTube, though these screenshots survive.

Another player, Bagel Goose, was similarly teleported to the in-game jail by moderators during his stream while using mods: as in the video below.

Cover image for YouTube videoBagel Goose sent to FFXIV jail

According to their teammate, Bagel Goose has been suspended for a week.

It's not as if players weren't warned about this. However, posts on Reddit suggest that streamers using mods are now being targeted across messageboards to get them suspended.

Yoshida stated that his team would look at updating the game's HUD to avoid players needing to use mods. Until then, it's certainly best to avoid using mods in the game.