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Apex Legends Mobile Unleash Punishment event rewards, dates, and how to get Fade Chips explained

Get a free Fade skin and unlock his Legend Story in the Unleash Punishment event.

Fade Chips in Apex Legends Mobile tie into the Unleash Punishment time-limited event, where earning them regularly is key to unlocking Fade's story and earning rewards like the Unwavering Focus Fade Skin.

Similar to treasure packs in the console and PC version of the game, you are limited to how many Fade Chips you can collect each day.

This page details all Unleash Punishment event rewards in Apex Legends Mobile, explains how to get Fade Chips, and when the Unleash Punishment event ends.

If you don't have him yet, make sure to visit our how to get Fade in Apex Legends Mobile guide, which also explains his unique abilities.

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How to get Fade Chips in Apex Legends Mobile

The in-game instructions for how to get Fade Chips in Apex Legends Mobile are little confusing, telling players to 'play this mode' or 'play Match Mode', with no link to a specific match type.

What is Match Mode? It seems to be any mode where you're matched with other players online. So don't go looking for Fade Chips in the tutorial level or free practice. If it helps, we found our two Fade Chips in the Battle Royale mode.

You can find Fade Chips in any match type except the tutorial and free practise.

To find Fade Chips while playing in a matched mode, you need to search Supply Bins. These are the long, large canisters containing loot.

If you have auto-pickup toggled, you will automatically collect a Fade Chip if it's inside the Supply Bin you opened. If not, you need to manually search for it amongst the loot.

Look out for these Supply Bins containing Fade Chips.

A little annoyingly, while you can find multiple Fade Chips while playing, you can only pick up one Fade Chip a day. The event lasts for 12 days, and you need to collect 12 Fade Chips to unlock all the rewards, so you will have to play every day if you want to unlock all of Fade's Legend story.

If you just want the Unwavering Focus skin, you only need to collect 11 Fade Chips.

Want to know the best Legend for this Season? Check out our Apex Legends Season 16 Legend Tier List that details who's the best for Revelry and why. Our other guides can show you how to make a Private Match and explain what Ring Consoles are. Also, take a look at our Veiled collection event page to learn about the latest limited-time event.

All Apex Legends Mobile Unleash Punishment rewards

As mentioned above, there are 12 rewards to get in the Unleash Punishment event, six of which tell Fade's Legend story.

Here are all the rewards you can get for collecting Fade Chips in Apex Legends Mobile:

  • Fade Chip 1: 2,000 Season Currency
  • Fade Chip 2: Fade's Story 1
  • Fade Chip 3: Banner Tracker (number of enemies trapped by Ultimate Ability)
  • Fade Chip 4: Fade's Story 2
  • Fade Chip 5: Common Apex Pack
  • Fade Chip 6: Fade's Story 3
  • Fade Chip 7: 3,000 Season Currency
  • Fade Chip 8: Fade's Story 4
  • Fade Chip 9: Banner Tracker (tactical ability Flash Back total distance)
  • Fade Chip 10: Fade's Story 5
  • Fade Chip 11: Unwavering Focus Fade skin
  • Fade Chip 12: Fade's Story 6

When does the Unleah Punishment event start and end? Apex Legends Mobile Unleash Punishment event dates

The Apex Legends Mobile Unleash Punishment event is the first time-limited event of Season 1. Unleash Punishment starts on Tuesday the 17th of May, and ends on Saturday, the 28th of May in 2022.

The exact time the Unleash Punishment event ends is currently unknown, but events in Apex Legends usually end at 6pm (BST), 7pm (CEST), 10am (PDT), 12pm (CDT), and 1pm (EDT).

If you want all of the free event rewards make sure you’re logging in and collecting a Fade Chip every day.

Good luck finding Fade Chips!

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