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Apex Legends Veiled Collection Event, challenges and rewards explained

Bringing the Veil down over the last few weeks of Revelry.

apex legends veiled collection event caustic
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

The Veiled Event in Apex Legends is here to bring Revelry to a close. This event gives you to chance to get your hands on Battle Pass stars for completing daily challenges, Caustic's new prestige skin and much more.

This limited-time event in Apex Legends is offering multiple colourful rewards and cosmetics for you to customise your chosen legend or favourite weapon.

Without further ado, we're going to explain all of the challenges and rewards for this event, as well as the Veiled Collection event end date.

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Apex Legends Veiled Collection Event items list

There are 24 Veiled Collection Event items for you to collect.

You can either be rewarded these items from a Veiled collection event pack, or you can choose to purchase them by using Apex Coins and Crafting Metals.

apex legends rampart soiree away veiled collection event promo art
Credit: Respawn Entertainment. | Image credit: Respawn Entertainment.

The two reward tiers across the 24 different items are Legendary and Epic, we've noted down the costs for each tier below:

  • Epic - Any Epic rewards will cost 1,000 Apex Coins or 800 Crafting Metals.
  • Legendary - Any Legendary rewards will cost 1,800 Coins or 2,400 Crafting Metals.

Legend Skins

Skin Name How It Looks Tier
First Class - Valkyrie
Unseen Void - Wraith
Haute Disguise - Loba
apex legends haute disguise loba skin
Deco Droid - Pathfinder
apex legends deco droid pathfinder skin
Solar Static - Wattson
Soiree Away - Rampart
Court Executioner - Gibraltar
Fiendish Filigree - Octane

Weapon Skins

Skin Name How It Looks Tier
Solar Flare - R-99
Belle Of The Ball - Spitfire
Platinum Aegis - Sentinel
Devilish Artistry - CAR

Holosprays and Banner Frames

Item Name/Type How It Looks Tier
Smell The Roses - Seer Frame
Palace Of Prosperity - Rampart Frame
Secret Soiree - Gibraltar Frame
The Silva Study - Octane Frame
I'll Lead - Loba Emote
Tropical Tune - Gibraltar Emote
Scorpion Sting - Rampart Emote
Maraca Madness - Octane Emote
Slide and Dice - Ash Emote
Out Of The Park - Octane Emote
Telekinetic Energy - Wattson Emote
Eau De Nox - Caustic Emote

How to unlock Caustic's Prestige Skin in the Apex Legends Veiled Event

If you collect all 24 Veiled Collection Event cosmetics throughout the event, you will unlock Caustic's new prestige skin 'Contagion'.

apex legends caustic prestige skin contagion tier three
Credit: Respawn Entertainment. This is tier three of the new skin. | Image credit: Respawn Entertainment.

The skin itself comes in three tiers. Each time you complete the challenges for the next tier, the skin will evolve and you can equip the evolution of that skin.

There is no time limit on the challenges themselves. Once you own the skin, you can take as long as you like to evolve the skin.

Here are the tiers and tier requirements:

  • Tier One - This is the base skin that you unlock by collecting all the Veiled cosmetics.
  • Tier Two - Deal 30,000 damage as Caustic.
  • Tier Three - Deal 100,000 damage as Caustic.

Tier Three unlocks the final evolution of the skin and gives you a brutal Caustic finisher.

How to find the Veiled Collection Event reward tracker

To find the points tracker for the Veiled Collection Event, you need to be on the main screen of Apex Legends. Then, head over to the right side of your screen where your daily and weekly challenge tracker is.

During the event, you will see an extra page here that contains all the Veiled challenges for that day. You can see how many points you can earn from completing the challenges and how close you are to completing them.

Then, click on the 'View Prize Tracker' banner at the bottom of this section. You can earn up to 1,600 points per day.

apex legends veiled collection event prize tracker

This will bring up your points and progress tracker for this event. On here, you'll be able to see how many points you have, how close you are to your next reward, and what your next reward will be.

All of the Apex Legends Veiled Collection Event challenge rewards

Item name Tier Point cost
Veiled - Banner Badge Epic 250
25 Crafting Metals N/A 250
10 Battle Pass Stars N/A 500
3 Battle Pass Stars N/A 750
An Apex Pack N/A 1,000
3 Battle Pass Stars N/A 1,250
A Match Made In Heaven - Universal Holo Epic 1,500
Court Jester - Weapon Charm Epic 2,000
25 Crafting Metals N/A 2,500
3 Battle Pass Stars N/A 3,000
25 Crafting Metals N/A 3,500
Onyx Hammer - Mozambique Skin Epic 4,000
Griffin Guard - Newcastle Skin Epic 5,000

Want to know the best Legend for this Season? Check out our Apex Legends Season 16 Legend Tier List that details who's the best for Revelry and why. Our other guides can show you how to make a Private Match and explain what Ring Consoles are. Also, take a look at our Veiled collection event page to learn about the latest limited-time event.

Apex Legends Veiled Collection Event Shop

There's a special Veiled event shop throughout the event too. Here, you can grab limited-time bundles and items throughout the event. However, some items are only there for a very short period of time, so it's worth checking each day to see what you can get.

apex legends gibraltar court executioner veiled collection event promo image
Credit: Respawn Entertainment. | Image credit: Respawn Entertainment.

Here, we've listed everything that you can currently get from the event shop and when they're due to leave the store:

Item/Bundle name Contents Price End date
Soiree Away Bundle Soiree Away (Legendary Rampart Skin) and 7 Veiled Collection Packs 5,000 Apex Coins (was 6,700) 09/05/23
Court Executioner Bundle Court Executioner (Legendary Gibraltar Skin) and 3 Veiled Collection Packs 2,500 Apex Coins (was 3,900) 09/05/23
Synthetic Huntress Bundle Synthetic Huntress (Legendary Ash Skin), Fringe Benefit (Legendary Bocek Skin), and 3 Apex Packs. 2,500 Apex Coins 09/05/23
Jaeger Bonus Bundle Jaeger (Legendary Caustic Skin), Crooked Steps (Legendary Mastiff Skin), and 3 Apex Packs. 2,500 Apex Coins 09/05/23
Haute Hoplite Bundle Haute Hoplite (Legendary Loba Skin) and Athena's Grace (Legendary Mastiff Skin) 2,150 Apex Coins 09/05/23
Run The World Run The World (Epic Loba Skydive Emote) 1,000 Apex Coins 09/05/23
Data Leak Unlock Bundle Data Leak (Epic Mirage Skin) and unlocks Mirage. 500 Apex Coins 09/05/23

Limited-Time Mode Unshielded Deadeye explained

A new limited-time mode called Unshielded Deadeye is running alongside the Veiled Collection event. This mode will be available for the duration of this collection event, and it will put your skills to the test.

Unshielded Deadeye is a variation of Team Death Match, but the stakes are higher and your shields are lowered. You will begin an Unshielded Deadeye match with a limited weapon loadout and you will have no shields.

apex legends caustic contagion skin tier two
Credit: Respawn Entertainment. | Image credit: Respawn Entertainment.

You read that right, you are running into this mode without any shields and very limited weaponry. The loadouts you begin with will rotate each match. There are no care packages to help you out. The first team to reach 50 kills is crowned the winner.

This mode is solely about you, your weapon, and how good you truly are.

Apex Legends Veiled Collection Event end date

The Apex Legends Veiled Collection event is due to end on Tuesday, 9th May.

apex legends octane fiendish filigree veiled collection event promo image
Credit: Respawn Entertainment. | Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

That's everything on offer with the Veiled Collection event, so grab your favourite weapons and dive into any mode of your choice to make the most of it until May 9th!

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